Become A Voter Friendly Professor

Yale Votes Voter Friendly Faculty Member Program

Everyone has a role to play in ensuring 100% voter participation in the Yale community- including faculty. Publicizing key election dates and deadlines, assisting students with voter registration, and making sure students have time to get to the polls on election day are all important ways faculty members can help promote voter engagement.

Part of being a Voter Friendly Professor is helping students understand why their vote matters. Research has shown that students who engage in political discussion both in and out of the classroom are more likely to participate in the democratic process. In preparation for the 2020 election cycle, there is no shortage of pressing issues to discuss. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help professors of every field integrate conversations about voting, policy, and democracy into their classes.

Take the Pledge!

We’re calling on every professor and instructor to be a strong advocate for voter engagement and democratic participation. Take our Voter Friendly Faculty Member Pledge to get started!