Voting in Connecticut

Yale students have the option to register and vote in either New Haven or their home state. Follow these instructions to register and vote in New Haven:

Voting in Connecticut


  • Forms can be accessed by signing up on TurboVote. If you don’t have a Connecticut driver’s license, you must use your last four digits of your social security number.  
  • When inputting a permanent address, please use the address that you are currently living in (whether it is a residential college, Old Campus building, off-campus apartment, or your own home). For Yale students living on campus, please use your PO box or your residential college/Old Campus office mailing address as your mailing address. Here is a list of residential college and Old Campus mailing addresses.


  • All Yale students who choose to vote in CT are eligible and encouraged to vote via absentee ballot.
  • Absentee ballots can be submitted by mail or in the drop boxes at 200 Orange Street, outside of the Registrar of Voters Office. The drop box is located right outside of the building entrance.


  • To vote in CT in the 2020 presidential election, you must register by October 27th or in-person on Election Day. 
  • The CT absentee ballot request deadline is October 27th, and you must return your absentee by November 3rd


  • Once you are registered to vote with your most updated New Haven address, input your information in here to find out where your polling location is.
  • Please remember to bring a photo ID (Yale ID, driver’s license, or passport), especially if it’s your first time voting in New Haven. 
  • Yale College students’ polling location depends on their residential college address or dorm on Old Campus, and can sometimes change between years. Here is a list of where Yale College students living in each residential college and Old Campus should vote in 2020:
Residential college polling location

Berkeley, Grace Hopper, Trumbull

133 Elm Street (New Haven Free Public Library’s Main Branch)

Davenport, Pierson, Timothy Dwight, Silliman, Benjamin Franklin, Pauli Murray, Morse, Ezra Stiles 55 Foote Street (Wexler-Grant School)
Old Campus, Branford, Jonathan Edwards, Saybrook, and Rosenfeld Hall (TD annex) 200 Orange Street (behind City Hall)