Register to Vote

Registering to vote takes only two minutes! To be guided through registration, please use Yale’s TurboVote tool. Here is all of the information you need to know before you register:


  • When choosing where to register (New Haven or your home state), you should consider where you are most invested and engaged, whether you prefer to go to the polls or fill out an absentee ballot, and where you think your vote can have the most impact.
  • You can visit for specific instructions to register and vote based on your particular state.



  • If you have moved since you initially registered to vote, even if it was just a few blocks, you MUST re-register to vote with your new address using Yale’s TurboVote Tool with your new information. The re-registration process is identical to registering to vote for the first time!


  • Certain states allow you to fill out your registration form online, whereas others require that you register on paper. After you fill out the form on Yale’s TurboVote Tool, you will be automatically walked through state-specific steps to register.
  • When inputting a permanent address, please use the address that you are currently living in (whether it is a residential college, Old Campus building, off-campus apartment, or your own home). For Yale students living on campus, please use your residential college/Old Campus office mailing address as your mailing address. Here is a list of residential college and Old Campus mailing addresses.
  • For state-specific information, please refer to your state’s information document.

**Note: There is a slight chance that where you register to vote could affect your eligibility for certain state and private scholarships and grants if you have received those scholarships and grants from organizations or agencies in your home state. Your school’s financial aid office should be able to provide additional information. In most cases, if you in-state or out-of-state residency does not change, your scholarships should not change either.